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Prosperity and Money Salt Bath/

Prosperity and Money Salt Bath/

This cleansing bath mixture is very good for money, luck, and abundance.  ALL BATHS are worked by Shereen for 21-30 days, charged under THE FULL AND NEW MOON and is made with various holy blessed oils from the 3 famous churches in Nazareth, Jerusalem, and Bethlehem as well as herbs from the holy cities.  Includes shipping in the US ONLY!!! (For outside PLEASE CONTACT US FOR DETAILS )PLEASE ALLOW UP TO 4-6 WEEKS TO RECIEVE (US ONLY) DUE TO HOW PRODUCT IS MADE. INPATIENT PEOPLE PLEASE DO NOT ORDER!!! .Prices may go up after time due to difficulty getting product due to COVID Can be used in properity work, in mop water, sachets, and floor sweeps. 

    $55.55 Regular Price
    $44.44Sale Price
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