Orgon pyramid rose quartz, magnetic sand

Orgon pyramid rose quartz, magnetic sand

 Rose  auartz pyramid healing power and benefits:

* brings deep inner peace

*supporst restful sleep

*encourages self love,self trust, and self worth

*Enhances positive affirmations

*Emotionally calm

*Reduces stress and tension

*releases unreleased emotions that you bury deep down in you

* enhances lucid dreaming


This is charged and worked on for by Shereen. Shipping within the US only at this time. Great to wear throughout your day for protection.No refunds or exchanges. Price includes shipping.If you’re from another country, you may still Order but you will be billed extra for shipping depending on location PLEASE ALLOW UP TO 4-6 WEEKS AS THEY ARE CHARGED BY SHEREEN ON ALTARS VARIOUS HERBS , HOLY BLESSED OIL, HOLY BLESSED SOIL FROM CHURCHES IN JERUSALEM, BETHLEHEM AND NAZARETH ALSO CHARGED UNDER A NEW AND FULL MOON!!!