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Magickally spelled hair serum
  • Magickally spelled hair serum

    Magickal hair serum that’s spelled and charged on my Aphrodite, Oshun, pomba Gira, my ancestors, as well as my djinns altars. These goddesses and spirits are all amazing for beauty and attraction. I’m also using the highest quality, imported ingredients specifically for hair’s health, growth, shine and luster. Use by washing the hair and scalp with shampoo rinsing with warm water to open the follicles. Then. Apply conditioner as you normally would rinsing with warm water to keep hair follicles open. Then place some on the root and scalp massaging into the scalp, and rubbing on the hands, and then placing sections of hair in your hands and rubbing it on root to tip. Let it sit in your hand for 15 minutes and then rinse with cool or LUKE warm water in order to close the hair follicles. While applying speak your intentions say “I use this serum to bless my hair, to give it growth. Shine, luster and beauty.” As you rinse you say “as I rinse this serum I rinse away any imperfections and any blockages that are preventing me from growing my hair. My hair is long, beautiful , thick and lustrous” please allow 6-9 weeks for preorder. NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES

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