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Domination Oil

Domination Oil

This is a domination oil created by the one and only Shereen! Used with only the best ingredients from The holy land! Holy oil and herbs from that region. All blessed by shereen. A little goes a long way! There are no refunds or returnsThis price includes shipping for US only. If you do purchase outside of the states, please email us. we will invoice you for additional shipping. Right now it is costing anywhere from $15-$20 extra toShip overseas. Shipping times may vary may take up to 4 -9 weeks for charging on all of my altars and under a new and full moon. I make these in VERY SMALL BATCHES for maximum potency. If we have a batch made and charged when you order you may receive the order within a few days. However, please allow the time specified in case you order while we are making another batch.

    $55.55 Regular Price
    $44.44Sale Price
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