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Domination head work individual spell

Domination head work individual spell

This is one and done head work domination. Worked for 3 days working with appropriate moon phases and/or days of the week. You will receive one photo of the work once it’s completed. This is to get your target to constantly think of you, miss you, need you, want you. You can also use this to manipulate other thoughts into anyone’s head. A boss, a relative, a friend just put their name and what the thoughts are that you would like to place in their head. Doesn’t

Just have to be for a lover. This is an excellent booster work for current clients but you do not have to be a full set client to purchase. Please allow 6-9 weeks for photo to be sent. The work will done much sooner but we need time to send the no emails photos bc that’s a process in and of itself NO REFUNDS ANS NO EXCHANGES NOT FOR DIFFICULT RECONCILIATION CASES RESULTS MAY TAKE 3-6 months or longer

    $255.55 Regular Price
    $153.33Sale Price
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