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Magickal intentional powder

Magickal intentional powder

We have powder already charged for block buster ,love , prosperity, hot foot , hex , crown of success , health, and good luck. These are ready to ship. Jars are limited. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE.

Just let us know what kind of powder you need.


jar of custom powder for your intention. Choices are, good health, Protection, prosperity, crown of success, domination, love, hexing powder, hot foot powder, confusion. All powders are made and charged during appropriate moon phases, days of the week and planetary hours. I charge and spell them with high quality ingredients, church dirt from the famous churches in the holy land in Nazareth, Jerusalem, and Bethlehem holy oil or curse oil is mixed. Depending on intention bank dirt or grave yard dirt as well. All charged on my altars and under a full and new moon. This is a preorder please allow 6-8 weeks as all orders are custom made and limited. PLEASE LIST THE INTENTION IN COMMENT!

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