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2oz Bottle PSALMS 64 Return Evil To sender oil

2oz Bottle PSALMS 64 Return Evil To sender oil

Made with Holy Blessed Hyssop oil and spikenard oil from the holy land in Nazareth where my family and ancestors are from. As well as holy oil from the church of the sepulcher in Jerusalem. This was made and charged on the black moon as well as solar eclipse. I charged it with my return to sender group ritual. Still has to be charged under the full moon and on all of my protective spirits altars. Please allow 6-8weeks for charging, shipping, and processing. IF THAT IS A PROBLEM PLEASE DONT ORDER AS ALL MY PRODUCTS ARE HAND MADE AND CHARGED AND SPELLED BY MYSELF ONLY. Quality takes time. This oil can be used in return to sender work, to return negativity to whoever sent it to you by 9 fold. You can also anoint walls in your home to protect your home and if anyone sends evil towards your home intentionally it will be returned. Very potent! INTERNATIONAL ORDERS WILL REQUIRE A $15 SHIPPING CHARGE! FREE SHIPPING FOR DOMESTIC ONLY

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